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Ryley Gibson combats mental health issues by becoming an anonymous local celebrity.

This story won second place in the Hearst Multimedia Championships and was a CPOY finalist in 2023.

Luis Romàn works as a mobile medic to provide opioid recovery care, both physical and mental. to rural Puerto Ricans.

This story was part of a larger documentary project in Puerto Rico, March 2023 and was a CPOY finalist in 2023. To see the full multimedia project, click here.

Mohagany Foster tells her story as a transgender woman that was incarcerated in a North Carolina men's prison for over 20 years. She was released November 2022.

This story won first place in Hearst Multimedia III and Gold in CPOY in 2023.

To see the full multimedia project from 2022-2023, click here.

A transgender hairdressing student understand first-hand the importance of and barriers to gender-affirming haircuts.

First-time voters at UNC anxiously await Election Day 2020 results, only to find there's no conclusion for the race between Trump and Biden.

Evanston, Illionois marches in support of George Flloyd's family during the 2020 protests.

Athens, Greece celebrates its bicentennial year of Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire.

A short film featuring fun with LEGOs in quarantine :)

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