A Mother's Reclamation

Perpetual optimist Siobhán Gibson is a mother of four sons that has been dealt a lot of tricky cards in her life, from an abusive ex-husband to family deaths to traumatic pregnancies. On top of her hectic personal life, she counsels hundreds of patients with cancer at an oncology clinic. But every day, she comes into work with a grin on her face and an open heart for her patients and comes home to spread the same warmth to her young boys and husband Jason.


“Every day, I tell people that they’re dying, so I want to be that breath of sunshine. But being that perky breath of sunshine is exhausting.”

Siobhán's one respite from her selfless life? Pole dancing. Though she didn’t expect her path to lead here, she has been dancing at a studio in Novato, Calif. for three and a half years and has been growing in her love for it every day. It pushes her to be active, express herself and finally do something that’s just for her.


“It’s good for my body," she said. "It’s good for my soul."