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Spring 2020 was supposed to be a season of happiness for Evan Katsanis, the new kid on the block at Evanston Township High School in Illinois. Having moved from North Carolina the previous fall, he had only just started to explore the unfamiliar town and begun to feel part of the community when the COVID-19 virus was declared an international pandemic in March. But instead of grieving the lost opportunities, Evan found a new way to spend his time: creating art.

Being in a new house, there was no shortage of projects to be picked up. An old rocking chair that was long overdue for a re-staining first introduced him to the idea of art projects in quarantine. Gaining far more gratification upon the completion of the chair than he had expected, he became inspired to keep this creative energy going. He dug through his mother’s discarded magazines to make a collage, found materials at a garage sale to make a vase with a display for his mom’s birthday, and he recently finished painting the driftwood, which ended up becoming a house sign with his family's new address.


Undoubtedly, these four projects are not the end of his artistic journey. Though the boredom of quarantine sparked his creative flame, it will continue to burn even when life does eventually start to return to normalcy.

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